The physical and Mental preparation before the Match Futsal

What we have to prepare before facing a match? Preparation before the match needs to be done, whether it’s a friendly match let alone for official game such as futsal tournament. Below I have auto summary what preparations are needed. This preparation into the preparation of the physical and Mental Preparation.

Physical Preparation

  1. watch your eating before a match. Avoid eating heavy, 3 hours before a match. Eat at the difficult times you move when played futsal.
  1. If you must eat, multiply the consumption glut of fruit such as bananas and apples.
  1. avoid energy drinks and coffee. Energy drinks typically have high caffeine levels. High-caffeine can make heart beating harder and body quickly tired.

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  1. Do warm up 2 hours earlier. This is quite useful when arriving on the field you live a warming light and ready to compete. You are free from injury, and the body feels more easily controlled394

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Mental Preparation

  1. the physical preparation to do properly, because of the newness of the mental influence.
  1. Two hours before you actually enter the field, divert your mind from the futsal. When you imagine the game before the real match, the brain will do a simulation that involves the nervous body. The brain will be exhausted when the match starts.
  1. Keep your posture during games setegap possible. Players who looked down more easily lose composure due to not able to monitor the situation and the actual field conditions.

Hopefully the above preparations can help you prepare yourself facing a match futsal. Congratulations to compete

In this article, I will discuss about the size of a standard Futsal Field nationally and internationally. Standardization for futsal Court size is clearly there, as well as other sports fields, such as football, tennis, Volly and others.

When we used to play in some field rental futsal and observing its size, we often feel the distinction. There is a futsal field we feel a bit small and there is also a field that feels a bit large. This is usually the difference depending on the manufacturer of the field.

Sometimes the limitation of land be a reason for exclusion makes standard size fits futsal field, both national and international. However, since the majority of fields are created not for the official Championship, so there is no problem. Paramount in making the field futsal is the pitch must be rectangular with side-line field delimiters must be longer than the goal line.

For more details, I will discuss about the size of a standard futsal Court national and international regulations regarding with field futsal. Futsal rules regarding this field is part of the Rule 1 on the field. (See here the rules of Futsal 2014-2015)


The field marked with lines attached to the field and the lines function as delimiters.

Two lines that are longer are known as field delimiter line/line addition (touched line). The two shorter lines called the goal line (Goal Line).

All lines have a width of 8 cm.

The field is divided into two rooms, divided by a line the middle of the field.

Sign/mid point is marked with a dot in the midst of the midline field.

Central point surrounded by a circle with a radius of 3 meters.


Regions (regions) penalty determined on each side of the end of the field as follows:

A quarter of a circle with a radius of 6 meters described are amongst the

on the goal line.

A quarter of a circle is described from the goal line to meet with the shadow depicted was in the Middle at right angles on the goal line from the outside position of the goalposts.

The upper part of each quarter circles connected by a line along the 3.16 meters which runs parallel to the goal line.

The line curves that form the outer line is from the area known as the penalty Area Line penalty.


The penalty point is 6 meters from the midpoint between the goalposts and vertical position and the distance is the same between the two poles.


The second penalty point is 10 metres from the midpoint between the goalposts and vertical position and the distance is the same between the two poles.


A quarter of a circle with a radius of 25 cm in every corner of the field.


The zone of the turn of the player are placed right in front of the team bench where backup from a team official. This zone is a place where players enter and exit the field if there is a turn of the player.

Zones turn players placed directly in front of the bench players up and has a length of 5 meters.

This zone is marked on each side with a line that cuts a line delimiter field, line width 8 cm and a length of 80 cm, which is in the field of 40 cm and 40 cm outside of the field.

The distance between each intersection point with the turn of a zone line the middle of the field with a line delimiter field is 5 meters.388

This free space, directly in front of the desk of the guard time. Should remain empty and non point of view.


The goal should be placed in the middle of the goal line. NET consists of two parallel vertical pole with the same distance from every angle and on the side it is connected to the horizontal rod.

The second pillar is the vertical distance is 3 m and the distance from the bottom side of the top to the bottom of ingot surface field is 2 meters.

Mast vertical or horinzontal pole has a width and a depth of 8 cm.

NET (net), made of hemp rope, Burlap, or the nylons, corrected on both vertical and horizontal poles Pole on the back of the net. The bottom part is supported by curved bars or other benthic to provide enough prisoners.

Goal depth is the distance from the tip of the inside of the goalpost position directly towards the outer side of the field, a minimum of 80 cm at the top and 100 cm at the bottom (the surface of the field)

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The goal can be dipindah-pindah but must be fixed firmly settles securely at the surface of the field during a game in progress


The surface must be smooth and flat field and not rough or kesat. Use of material from wood or other artificial materials are highly recommended. Concrete or brick should be avoided.


  1. If the size of the goal line is between 15 m and 16 m, radius of circle seperempatnya size only by 4 meters. In this case, the point penalty is not again placed on the line of the penalty area, but are still at a distance of 6 metres away from the middle position between the goalposts.
  1. Use natural grass or artificial grass is allowed to match that played into domestic competition, but not allowed for national and international matches.
  1. a mark may be pictured outside the field, 5 meters from the corner and bow at an angle right at the goal line to make sure that this distance is observed when a corner kick was performed. The width of this sign is 8 cm.
  1. Seating the players up and official was behind the lines dividing the field right beside free zone located in front of the desk of the guard time.

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