AC Milan striker Is returning to France

Official AC Milan pulled off a Jeremy Menez (29). Original France striker returned to his country to defend the Ligue 1 Club, Girondins de Bordeaux.


Kubu Bordeaux confirm agreement with AC Milan related transfers to the Club of origin Menez southwestern France it.


Announcements plastered on the official site of Bordeaux.


France International Players it becomes subject to undergo medical tests before being presented to the media on Monday (1/8/2016).”


Such a statement on the website, on Sunday night local time.


Menez transfer would not inject cash for Milan. The contract the player is actually still remaining another year, but both parties agreed to terminate the cooperation more quickly.


Striker birth 7 May 1987 it moved freely. Milan’s advantage is the saving of expenses salaries totaling 3 million euros originally budgeted create paid the remaining contract Menez.


Since joining Milan in 2014, Menez scored 59 goals in Serie a.


They exploded on debut season thanks to nicks 16 goals scored throughout the Serie A 2014-2015.


However, the prize for its action a haunted acute back injury.


The problem forced the Menez only appear 10 times in the League with a donationof just two goals in 20152016.


Striker Mauro Icardi (23) hope Lionel Messi returns consider retirement decision ofArgentina‘s national team. He also has the desire to be able to play with Barcelona that Megastar World Cup 2018.


Real Madrid decided to retire after failing to win back the title along with Argentinanational football team. Three times was able to reach the final of the prestigious stages, Argentina also failed three times to become the champion.


After failing to become a champion in the 2014 World Cup, Argentina also did not manage to become a champion in the Copa America, 2014 and 2015.


The existence of an element of disappointment makes a shocking decision i.e. hurlMessi hanging shoes from the international scene on 26 June.


But this time Messi was only 29 years old and there is still a chance of chasing the success of Argentina national team together. As fellow countrymen, as Messi hopinghis decision to cancel the Icardi and the opportunity to fight together in the 2018 World Cup will be rolling in Russia.


“I want to play with Real Madrid. May he re-consider his decision and hopefully I can play alongside him at World Cup 2018.0 “says Icardi.


Later Icardi was one of the main subjects on the stock transfer this summer. Classmates clubs Napoli squad that attempted to recruit Central striker collected 16 goals inSerie A in the summer of 2015-2016 it.


However, Icardi claiming dunno reserved hectic proclamation reserved to himself.


“There are many rumors recently. In fact, I do not get enough information to question what’s going on, “he said.


The fate of Roberto Mancini at Inter Milan would be determined by the triangular forum will be held on Thursday (4/8/2016).


In that moment, Mancini would meet with President Erick Thohir and Zhang‘s son, Zhang Dindong Kangyang. Last name represents the Suning Group as majority shareholder at Inter.


The trio meets to discuss the differences of view about the transfer policy. Preachedmedia Italy, Mancini would strip off his post if no intersection related differences.


Mancini himself did not plan a meeting himself by belies the two bigwigs I Nerazzurri, Inter’s nickname.


We just look at whether there is any new news when we returned to Appiano Gentile. I don’t know what will happen, “said Mancini after party trials against Bayern Munich, Saturday (30/7/2016).


The difference of views between Mancini and management are believed to concern the Mauro Icardi. The captain did indeed become a game Napoli to replace GonzaloDismisses.


Lastly, Napoli lifted the proposal valued at 70 million euros (around Rp 1.02 trillion) for 23 year old striker it. Inter against Napoli stronghold answer likely linked with the continuation of the fate of Mancini.


If Icardi dilego, Mancini is believed to open the door out of Giusepe Meazza.


Subject: status of the puzzle and its future, Icardi himself still being tight-lipped. He felt a lack of information due to the undergoing restoration had injuries.


There are so many rumors in the last few days. In fact, I’m not really knowing what’s going on, “said Icardi.


Icardi attitude is inversely proportional to Wanda Nara as the wife while his agent. Last name several times voiced related clubs that meminati Icardi.

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