Moratti Defends Selling A Minority Stake To Inter

A sensation occurred in Palermo this weekend. The Club’s President Maurizio Zamparini (74), has even raised the six coaches in this season in the Serie!


Wednesday (10/2/2016), Zamparini formalize the appointment of Giovanni Bosi (46) as the permanent coach of Palermo.


The decision was taken just a few hours after the club announced the cancellation of the appointment of Guillermo Barros Claudio (42) as the architect.


Claudio, Argentina national team midfielder during the 1990s, had to cancel his contract with Palermo because UEFA license rate kepelatihannya is not valid.


Claudio does not meet the criteria points “have a minimum five years experience as a coach in the top division professional club or national team level A of the FIFA member countries.”


Earlier, Claudio menukangi only local club Lanus, Argentina, by 2012-2015. Palermois in fact already confirm Claudio as their coach on January 11.


However, due to bureaucratic Affairs and documents that are not yet complete, he cannot direct train. His position temporarily patched by the former quarterback of Palermo, Giovanni Tedesco, on 25 January.


While waiting for the licensing, Claudio accompanied Palermo with the status as Team Manager. In fact, Claudio rejected UEFA so that Zamparini has finally raised the status of the Bosi from team to team principal Primavera.


Giovanni Tedesco Bosi will be helped as an Assistant, also Francesco Sicari from Primavera team to assist in the preparation of the players.” So the sound statement Zamparini.


Bosi, Claudio, and three new Tedesco. The three remaining is Fabio Viviani, Davide Ballardini, and Giuseppe Iachini.


Viviani fill the void as the interim coach at 11-18 January, or pause between the time the confirmation of the appointment of Claudio with the appointment of Tedesco.


Viviani be quick solutions to replace Davide Ballardini, who fired the Club on 11 January. Ballardini service only lasted two months.


Well, all this hassle originates first coach firing, Giuseppe Iachini, which menukangiPalermo since the beginning of the season until November 10, 2015. Ballardini replaced Iachini.


Zamparini figure indeed often labeled crazy by the media when they fired the coach because Italy is sometimes beyond logic.


Businessman multisektor origin that was President of Italy in Palermo since 2002. During his leadership, Zamparini has been ejecting 29 coaches.


That is, the Palermo Zamparini era on average employ more than two coaches each season!


Massimo Morratti was reluctant to sell a minority stake to Inter Milan. According toMorratti, his relationship with Erick Thohir as Inter President also goes well.


The stock sales diembuskan Moratti discourse of media-media Italy, Tuesday (9/2/2016). He is reported to have asked Goldman Sachs to find new investors in Inter.


To make it happen, He would be in Italy for the past two weeks. This is the longest time He settled in the country for a Pizza.


Related rumours, Morratti declared, “I think this all has to do with the arrival of Thohir. However, I guarantee to you if there are no new developments. “


“There is a sense of trust and respect between us. We never talk about a duty. In addition, there is no reason to take the decision, “said Moratti.


Pick your own still controlled 29 percent of shares I Nerazzurri. A total of 70 percentof the shares have been removed to Thohir since September 2013.


Two months after the transfer of the shares, he is replacing Moratti as President Moratti had given Inter the position of Honorary President, but decided to retreat in October 2014.


President of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, scheduled a meeting with coach MaurizioSarri was over his team’s crucial magpies face Juventus, Saturday (13/2/2016). The meeting will include a discussion of the question of contract extension Sarri and the chances rise salaries in Naples.


In Naples last summer, tie up with contracts a year, Sarri plus the option of extending the service for the second year.


It was such a short term deal reflects that the Club not so sure against the prospect of Naples together Sarri. Understandably, 57-year-old coach comes out of clubs semenjana, Empoli.


However, when the competition entering the crucial period this time, Sarri bring Southern Italy clubs that drove strong candidates as winning the scudetto.


Long-term project along the glassy eyes of the coach already prepared De Laurentiis.


“We don’t lack anything in order to reach the level as a great club. I’ll keep Sarri forfive years, “said the President to the Premium Sport.


In a proposal contract extension later, included also the adjustments reserved figuresalary. Currently, the basic wage only got Sarri 900 thousand euros or equivalent Rp 13.5 billion per season.


If counting a series of bonuses, the income will be terdongkrak to just Sarri 1.4 million euro. Not until half that amount from the salary of the coach of Inter Milan, Real Madrid!

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