Allegri: Juventus-Lazio Game Deciding The Scudetto

Juventus is now superior to 12 points from Lazio, which will be the main opponentsin the 31st week. Allegri stated that the duel in Turin this weekend will determine everything in the process of hunting titles.


Nobody at the beginning of the season who would imagine that Lazio be where they are now, even they still could reach 82 points,” said coach of Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri.


Allegri is very pleased to welcome the return of Paul Pogba was absent because of an injury thigh muscles and make sure Juventus will be performing with his finest compositions.


I would lose my best team. I think this game is very important in deciding the Scudetto, “said the former AC Milan coach.


Meanwhile, Andrea Pirlo who got injured in the first leg of the Champions League against Monaco, still uncertain will play or ended.


Pirlo Allegri could not ensure due next week they should be going to the Stade Louis II to undergo second leg face Monaco.


Conditions have improved after Pirlo had a chance of injury when confronted withMonaco. He needs playing time to recover his best condition, “said Allegri.


Cagliari, especially performance setback failed to achieve victory in 10 pertandingn last in Serie A Club Napoli, that mimic ways of doing the centrality of training. The players, coaches, and staff were not beloh to go home so that only focus to football.


But in the middle of the centrality of training done, sekelompuk Cagliari ultras fan reportedly stormed the entrance into the location of the exercise. They threatened and even attacked the players and staff.


As it was reported by Itasportpress and La Gazzetta dello Sport, some of the ultras there who do physical attacks on players and staff members in the form of a slap in the face. The incident happened on this morning, though this news recently leaked after a late night.


This makes Zdenek Zeman reportedly canceled the afternoon session without giving clear reasons. Even though the centrality of training is done so that the preparation of the team the more mature action admits face Napoli on Sunday (19/4) for the sake of avoiding the relegation abyss.


Cagliari are currently second from bottom in the Serie A standings with 21 points. Gli Isolani left behind eight points from Atalanta one strip right above the relegationzone.


Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, convinced the match against Lazio, Sunday (19/4), in the Juventus Stadium is a determinant of the Serie A title this season.


Juventus currently sits atop the standings with 12 points while from Lazio that occupies the second place. Scoring three points in the match Juventus made will certainly make their position very strongly in the remaining seven games.


The match against Lazio could determine the scudetto. Lazio had an incredible season, “said Allegri.


Since the beginning no one imagined they could be in place as of now. They still could reach 82 points, so there hasn’t been decided, “he said.


Palermo are willing to take off Paulo Dybala. But Club President Maurizio Zamparini, Palermo, ensuring it will not melego the striker was 21 that year, with a sale price of less than 40 million euro or equivalent to 554.3 billion rupiah.


In addition to the Arsenal, the two giant clubs of Italy, namely, Juventus and AS Roma also membidil Dybala. But Zamparini declined to release its star players to fellowSerie A Club if the bid submitted was not up to 40 million euros.


It’s true, Roma are interested in getting Dybala. They have not been given a formal offer, but I will meet the Club’s Directors, Walter Sabatini, in the coming days, “saidZamparini as reported by Italy Football.


“If I don’t get a 40 million euro, I will not sell it. Dybala could flee abroad because I get some nice offer from a foreign Club, “he added.


Zamparini also claimed his party had no intention of doing a barter system with transfer aka exchanged for other players. (wta)

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