Allegri: Three Match Again Juventus Will Be The Champion!

Juventus managed to continue the positive trend this season with a victory over Lazio, the picking Saturday (18/4). Juventus victory two goals scored by Carlos Tevez and Leonardo Bonucci.
This victory makes Juventus chances to grab the fourth quarter-finals consecutivelythe more wide open. Juve‘s victory made the difference in points with Lazio getting bigger.
Victory over Lazio‘s very important we create. However, until the time comes, we will try to perform optimally in every game, “said coach of Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri.
I’m happy with the players today. If we were able to win two or three matches, I’m sure we will be champions, “said Allegri.
This victory makes Juventus firmly at the top of the Serie A standings with a value of72 from 31 matches that have traveled. Meanwhile, Lazio is stuck in second place with 58 points.413
Juventus a 2-0 victory over Lazio in the Serie A on Sunday (19/4) early morning EDT,showed strength in football the Bianconeri highest Italy were. Because the Biancocelesti currently resides in his appearances that were successfully created is not real.
The appearance made midfielder Arturo Vidal said that Juventus appearance perfect. The victory also will hold the title to the Bianconeri‘s match.
Juventus played to perfection against a very strong team. Now we are closer to thequarter-finals. I think with three wins in a row, we will be the champion this season, “said Vidal told Sky Sport Italy.
These results make Juventus winning 15 points from Lazio in the 2nd position. This victory can also thicken the conviction of Juventus for a trip to the Stade Louis II inMonaco leg facing AC 2 UEFA Champions League quarter-final.
“I feel good, I’m 100 percent fit and hoping to end the season in the right way. Nowwe’ve got the quarter-finals of the Champions League and I am 100 percent ready for it, “Chile midfielder advanced it.
“After all, we were able to focus back in Serie A matches and the final of the Coppa Italy faced Lazio in June.
After conquering Lazio 2-0 in the 31st week of the Serie A Sunday (19/4) early morning EDT, coach Massimiliano Allegri admitted very pleased with the appearance of Carlos Tevez. Argentina striker successfully scored the opening victory of Juventus.
Allegri claiming his delighted with Tevez, although the player has declared it will soon leave Juventus most lambar end 2015/16. Carlitos wanted to return to defend his boyhood Club, Boca Juniors.414
This does not make a negative point of view has Made to Tevez who don’t want to last longer together his team. The most important thing for 47 years-old coach that is the focus of the current players still with the Bianconeri.
“It was a reasonable thing to be able to feel the nostalgia of being at home, friends,and family. We all also like that, let alone at this time he was on the other side of the world, ‘ said Allegri told Sky Sport Italy.
Tevez has proven themselves are in the best condition and game as well as her focus continues to be on Juventus.
Juventus were in the middle of a very crowded schedule managed a 2-0 victory overLazio at the weekend to32 Serie a. Although the players were exhausted, but maturity in play has helped the Bianconeri conquer the Biancocelesti.
This is expressed by coach Massimiliano Allegri after the match. Face Lazio who won10 consecutive victories in Serie A and have a better physical condition managed to make the Bianconeri were getting close to the Scudetto title.
I am happy with what the players are doing. Not only on this night, but throughout the season, “said Allegri told Sky Sport Italy.
“This is an important game and we’ve shown maturity face Lazio team who have played the best football in Italy until now.”
Physically they are also fresher because they have played far fewer matches than us. This is the moment in which the team takes maturity to control the tempo andmaking the most of opportunities into goals.

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