Bonucci: Juventus Have Not Champion!

Juventus hit Lazio visited in J-Stadium on Saturday (18/4) with the score 2-0. What is the recipe of success I Bianconeri withstand the pace of the fantastic team?
Their sniper and tactics based on the efficiency of utilization of opportunities. Aware of his team would face the potential of massive attacks from Trident sharp milk Lazio, Allegri responding with three central defender scheme (3-52).
The system proved to be the most powerful to suppress figures conceded. This season, Juventus rarely suffer more touchdowns when wearing 3-52 (5 goals) than thepattern with four players holding out (10).408
BBC trio with Andrea Barzagli, Leo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini and successfully blunted Lazio, who in the last week of this program is the sharpest team in Serie a.
If the Serie A season begins in January 2015, Juventus and Lazio are two of the best teams that compete in the path of a champion. Before they clashed in J-Stadium on Saturday (18/4), Juventus and Lazio both elections caused the largest numbers since the turn of the year, i.e. 31 points.
Juventus hit any army Gli Aquilotti (young Eagle) being visited by a score of 2-0. The perfect completion of the Carlos Tevez and Leonardo Bonucci in Act I forced the young Eagle back rests to Earth.
While on a trip to Juventus, Lazio‘s Stefano Pioli got capital eight winning streak in the League. They have the Mission of ninth victory without breaking up so that it equals the best record in the history of the Club. That record belongs to the Lazio team leadership of SvenGoran Eriksson in 1998/99.
However, the mission failed. Juventus gave a valuable lesson for Lazio that the sheergood record is not a guarantee of undermining the mentality of aspiring champions.
I am happy for what was shown to the children. We showed maturity face Lazio, the team that has played the best football in Italy so far, “said the arsenal coach Massimiliano Allegri, to Sky Italy.
Giacomo Bonaventura is famous as a versatile player. Together with Milan this season, he was often alternated roles and has even been played in seven different positions.
Bonaventure never comes across as a central midfielder, right midfielder/left outer, right wing/left, trequartista (attacker hole), and the attacker right/left.
However, in the last two weeks, Bonaventure, no longer as a chameleon who often transfigured. He always mentas as mezz’ala (midfielder).
The architect Milan, Filippo Inzaghi claimed that in mezz’ala position, best potentialplayers saluted the familiar Jack appeared.
Bonaventure performed very well in the mezz’ala position. He is destined to become a topnotch mezz’ala, for a great fit with its characteristics, “said Inzaghi at Tuttomercatoweb.407
Only, in the derbi game cons Inter, Bonaventure seemed to fill should return one of the three attackers slot Milan, as yet bugarnya by Mattia Destro.
Statistically, Bonaventure, thus more often contribute to the real Scorpion was cast as invaders (including the trequartista). In 11 chance of filling the post line of attack, Jack makes three goals and two assists.
Instead, while 10 times operating in midfield, the user number 28, just pack the magical goals.
A 2-0 victory over Lazio makes optmisme Juventus towards the Serie A title. Massimiliano Allegri forces want to immediately ensure the fourth Serie A titles consecutively.
One of the beliefs that come from defender Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus. He’s assess victory over Lazio made his opportunity to win the Serie A this season.
When I received the ball from Andrea Pirlo I see the movement of the two attackers, so I chose to run to the Center. I saw open space and releasing the ball into the bottom corner, “said Bonucci.
As long as we have not ensured the champions, we will continue to fight. TonightArsenal performed wonderfully, especially in terms of the mental. My goal this time I dedicate to my friends, “said Bonucci.
Juventus still has seven remaining matches in Serie A this season. Juventus still likelyalso picked up two other titles of the Coppa Italy and UEFA Champions League.

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