Statistics in Action Rizzoli Juventus and Lazio

Serie A weekend of 31st on this weekend presents a thrilling duel between pemuncak standings, Juventus, with the second stage Saturday, Lazio, (18/4).


Lega Serie appoints Nicola Rizzoli, Italy‘s best referee titles winning four consecutiveseasons, to lead the fight, which took place in the Juventus Stadium.


For Juventus, the game on Saturday was his third this season in which they led by Rizzoli. Meanwhile, Lazio will be twice.


Overall, the good Juventus or Lazio has 25 times led Rizzoli in Serie A since the referees had the domestic licence in 2001. But, the two teams have never faced each other in the League on the leadership of Rizzoli.


Serie A weekend of 31st on this weekend presents a thrilling duel between pemuncak standings, Juventus, with the second stage Saturday, Lazio, (18/4).


Both teams are indeed separated a distance far enough, 12 points, but that does not mean no action takes place is fierce.


A big party like this requires a field umpire figure able to be assertive against any decisions taken.


Lega Serie A Nicola Rizzoli pointed to lead the fight, which took place in the Juventus Stadium.


Men aged 43 years it has got a reputation as the best referee in Italy and one of thebest in Europe.


As proof, he is the holder of the title of the best Serie A referee in four consecutiveyears, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.


Selected as a referee in the World Cup 2014 peak between Germany versus Argentina is the highest achievements of Rizzoli. He became the third person from Italy who got the prestigious task.


These facts are enough to explain the feasibility of Rizzoli lead duel Juventus Lazio cons.


However, recently he reaped criticism after leading the game Rome against Naples (4/4).


The figure of the original architect‘s profession is considered not observant and sprightly report the existence of a giant banner from a fan who insulted mother of Napoli fan who was killed in a riot in the final of the Coppa Italy last season.


Rizzoli respond to criticism.


“I don’t know when and how long the banner it is unfolded. There are a number ofparties who are responsible for regulating such matters, not the referee. We are just100 percent focus to what is happening on the field, “said Rizzoli to Sky Sport Italy.


The future of Carlos Tevez continued to be discussed in the next few weeks.Bomber‘s origin Argentina rumored soon leave Juventus and returning grazing in his native Argentina.


As it turns out, the news that buakan mere gossip. Tevez‘s agent, Adrian Ruocco, confirming plans return of Tevez to Argentina. He was directly related to the management of the Boca Juniors.


“We don’t want to make sure I stressed in a very decisive moment together with Juventus this season. To be sure, Tevez will complete his contract dulu neymar, “Ruocco said.


As we know, Tevez would end his career at Boca. There is no doubt that with this. He wanted to be close to family and friends in Argentina, “connect the agent.


Until recently, Ruocco could not ascertain when Tevez will leave Juventus. Clear, Tevez still bound by a contract with Juventus until June 2016.


The success of Juventus grabbed three Serie A titles consecutively is not a fortune. Black-White squad settled quality players, they also dinakhodai a top coach AntonioConte.


Juventus won three Scudetti show that Conte is not a figure of the vain. Before landing at Turin, Conte success brought Bari into Serie B champions 2008/09 Edition. In 2010/11, COnte delivering Siena was runner-up in the same competition.


In celebration of the anniversary of the success of Liverpool’s season grabbing 1913Casale/14, Conte revealed the unique story which is rarely, he said earlier. As it turns out, coach aged 49 years was already secretly dreamed of being a coach since young age.


“You have to have dreams in life. You also have to fight hard, if need to make sacrifices to make it happen, “said Conte, in a speech that he delivered it at the Istituto Superiore Sobrero, in Casale Monferrato.


I’m always excited to teach something to other people. Since childhood, I often helped my sister set up and coached his team. When deciding to stop playing, I was determined to become the coach of the round, “continued Conte.


Among the coaches, Conte was not just known as a great tactics, but also have a good personality. Although often encountered problems in carrying out the task as coach of Italy national team, Conte still holds a firm commitment to the Nerazzurri.

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