Liverpool defeat Arsenal at Emirates Stadium

tersaaji on seven goals between Arsenal against Liverpool bigmatch served at the Emirates Stadium in the opening match of the Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (14/8/2016). The Reds closed the match with a 4-3 victory.
Philippe Coutinho became a star with Liverpool‘s victory creates a pair of touchdowns. The other two goals The Reds printed by Adam Lallana on 49 minutes and SadioMane (63 ‘). Three goals by Theo Walcott scored Arsenal’s reply (31 ‘), Alex OxladeChamberlain (64 ‘), and Calum Chambers (75 ‘).
Arsenal appeared with the 4-51 in the match. Manager Arsene Wenger relied on Theo Walcott as a bomber solo at the front-line. As for Liverpool, used the formation4-3-3 by placing a trio of Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, and Sadio Mane in the line of attack.
The match took place with fast tempo since the beginning of the match. The two teams were both carrying the game open. Inevitably, many opportunities are created.
Action step on the 17th minute, Liverpool spreading threat to Arsenal. Sadio Mane rasping right foot from outside the penalty box. However, the directions are a little high at the top of the crossbar Arsenal.
Arsenal get a penalty in the 30th minute after the Liverpool Defender, Alberto Moreno, breaking Theo Walcott. Walcott who became executioners failed to do their jobproperly. Tembakanya towards the left of the net are able to read by goalkeeper Simon Mignolet.
However, Walcott paid the full gaffe that opener. Accepting the bait breakthrough Alex Iwobi, Walcott opened fire a flat right foot lodged in the right-hand corner of the Arsenal. Liverpool winning 1-0.
Liverpool scored late in the first round of stabilisation. Free Philippe Coutinho shot lodged in the bottom left hand corner of the net for Arsenal who escorted by Petr Cech. Score 1-1 draw by closing the course of the first half.
The second run matches more attractive. New four-minute, Adam Lallana brought Liverpool a 2-1 winning turn. By once holding the ball with his chest after receiving feedback Giorginio Wijnaldum, Lallana right foot shot into the right corner of the net.
Liverpool winning 3-1 at minute 56. Coutinho created goals both with whole left legafter receiving a flat-Nathaniel Clyne cross from the left side of Defense Arsenal.
Sadio Mane creates goals for Liverpool on 63 minutes. He merangsek get into the Arsenal penalty area from the left side with a three-trick player and hard right foot shot into the right corner of the net.
However, these goals have Arsenal through action that is not less beautiful than Alex OxladeChamberlain a minute later. Chamberlain entered trick four Liverpool Defender from the left and unleashing a shot that failed to anticipated by Migonlet. Score changed 4-2 for excellence.
Calum Chambers brought Arsenal failed to narrow down to 34 in 75 minutes. Freeshot from Santi Cazorla, Chambers was beaten to the ball to the right hand corner of the net. A score of 4-3 to Liverpool’s superiority last up to game over.
Premier League alerts you, Liverpool has 49 percent possession and 7 shots to the goal of the 14 experiments. As for, Arsenal 5 times threatened the goal The Reds from 9 experiment.
Manchester United victory at the opening party of the harvest Premier League 2016-2017. Three figures in Vitality Stadium, AFC Bournemouth‘s headquarters, as well as being its own record for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Ibrahimovic scored on 64 minutes, and brings guest team winning 3-1. Another two goals from Juan Mata in the 40th minute and Wayne Rooney (59 ‘). Goals in Bournemouth was born from Adam Smith’s left leg Spurn on 69 minutes.
After the game, Ibrahimovic chalked up his name on the Board. Ibrakadabra became one of the footballer who is capable of forming goals on six different leagues. Goals against Bournemouth became the collections to 394679 in the party.413
The 34-year-old striker successfully scored on every club that dibelanya. Throughout his career, Ibrahimovic had already scored a goal in the League of Sweden, Netherlands Eredivisie, Italy Serie A, Spain La Liga, Ligue 1 France and the Champions League.
A collection of goals in the League while defending the Brazilian scored Sweden Malmo FF. At that time, he scored 18 goals in 47 of the party. Moving to the Netherlands, he debuted alongside Ajax Amsterdam with a collection of 48 goals in 110 of the party.
Legendary Club shines in the Netherlands, he moved to Serie A to Italy, joining Juventus. He successfully managed 26 goals in 92 of the party. After the Inter Milan with a collection of 66 goals in 117 of the party, he moved to La Liga Spain.
The attacker berpostur 195 cm merged with Barcelona, and scored 22 goals in 46 of the party. Briefly returning to Serie A along with AC Milan (56 goals/85 party), he felt the France Ligue 1, kala costumed Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

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