Mourinho: strategy Transfer went well, but …

On the Exchange, transfer of the summer this year, bringing Manchester United at least four major rekrutasn. The new members of the Quartet are Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Paul Pogba.


These activities make the Manchester United‘s Manager, Jose Mourinho felt ecstatic.He is happy, because the ranks of management is already working hard to realize the target of new players to strengthen his game next season.


Though good walking transfer strategies, Jose Mourinho still feel nothing less. In wisecrack, he considers what the ‘ available ‘ when it is the fruit of the hard work of others. First, obviously I could not buy them. I do not have enough money to pay the value of the transfer, as well as the salaries of the players of that. Second, I gave a high appreciation for the ranks of management, even as coaches hope there that come with high quality, “he said, such as Sky Sports, released Sunday (14/8/2016).


MOU claims to be not easy to convince the management team to pursue and take out a lot of funds, even though it exists in the clause of the contract. Not only that, selecting players not too mild.


I worked hard to assess objectively the player. I‘ve been thinking about it since lastmonth, and of course is very difficult. I really rate them, and then let the management moves, and now everything is already there, “call the Mou.


Midfielder Michael Carrick calls, a figure Mourinho was very detailed in judging a player. “Maybe that makes it a great Manager figure. All data is there for him, and it was very detailed. I thought Manchester United would much talk of the new season,“said the former Tottenham Hotspur player.


Recognition of the existence of data on Carrick Manchester United already held Mourinho. Obviously I‘ve got, because I’ve watched Manchester United since December last year. So, I’ve got what must be worked out with the squad as it is now, “saidThe Special One.


Today, Manchester United fans just wait for what can be done Mourinhi throughoutthis season. Not an easy job, because competitors also expect positive results. If dikerucutkan, it is interesting to show what awaited Mou kala compared with Josep Guardiola and Antonio Conte.


The future of Memphis Depay alongside Manchester United became a question ofmany parties. Moreover, after Jose Mourinho‘s status as the new Red Devils skipper.However, the Netherlands-born youth precisely congratulations ‘.


Now, many people are questioning how Jose Mourinho maximize ex PSV Eindhoven. Understandably, sometimes Mou have unique ways to develop the role of a player.


It’s been predictably, Mourinho turned out to have a specific plan for Depay. The Special one assesses older asuhya may soon rise. The former coach of Real Madrid andInter Milan are confident, the Depay will contribute significantly in the summer of 2016-2017.


After delivering the title to PSV Eindhoven-23, Depay directly into the fruit of the lips after Manchester United bought with is high. At that time, the player digadang-gadang will become a key player for the Red Devils.


At the beginning of the competition produced a stable enough, until it finally entered the season slowly its graph is a sharp nosedive. Recorded starting weekend 18th onwards he lost his regular place under Louis Van Gaal reacted. He started rarely handed down filled for 90 minutes and more into the figure of a substitute.


Nicks seven touchdowns and 10 asis could not cover the performance disappointing season premiered at Old Trafford. He failed to answer the expectations of fans. As a result, he became pesakitan because fans comparing himself with stars owner costume numbered 7, Cristiano Ronaldo.


The result, the 22-year-old player is branded as Manchester United failed to purchase. Related Depay appearance, Mourinho gave defense. He’s assess, what is shown Depay do not reflect the entire potential.


“I don’t want to see last season. I know the potential of these players after observing his game when the Dutch and the World Cup two years ago. I am sure he will be the new season’s thriving, “said Mou, as reported by the Daily Mail, Sunday (14/8/2016).


The MOU recognizes, Depay had felt frustrated due to the appearance of no convincing last season. However, after discussing related what will the new season later, Mou Depay potential maximum can believe.


Depay admitted the Mou figure makes it can be increasingly confident. Let alone encouragement directly in each practice session, gave a great deal of experience. I have a high motivation to give my best. I think this season will be very special, “he said.

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