5 the new atmosphere of Manchester City after the win over Sunderland

Manchester City’s opening Premier League 2016-2017 with three figures, after bending Sunderland 2-1. Two goals in a match that took place at the Etihad Stadium, Saturday (13/8/2016) night EST, donated Sergio Aguero (4 ‘) own goal and SunderlandDefender, Paddy McNair (87 ‘). One goal of the guest team striker Jermain Defoe was presented on 71 minutes.


The party was not just a mere three scoring numbers. There are some new atmosphere brought Josep Guardiola for the Manchester City fan. The following 5 new colors.


Joe Hart’s Absence


Last season, Joe Hart performing regular under Manuel Pellegrini with a record 35 appearances in the Premier League. He included one between goalkeeper with nicksbest clean sheet. At that time, he was able to take note of the 15 matches without conceded.


The 20162017 season would seem to be the moment of weight for a Hart. Later, Manager Pep Guardiola decided to play Willy Caballero as goalkeeper face Sunderland at the weekend Prime Premier League, Saturday (13/8/2016).


Not without reason Pep play Caballero. 34-year-old player was performing quite well when undergoing joint pramusim Manchester City match. Guardiola also judge Joe Hart middle in a less good performance following her appearance alongside the national United Kingdom in 2016 European Championship.


Hart can only hope Pep selected him to play in the Champions League play-off, faceSteaua Bucharest to prove themselves worthy of this program is still the main goalkeeper. However, it is still a new view when no Hart figure under the slide rule The Citizens.


2. The Debut of John Stones


Labeled as the most expensive defender in the Premier League with a transfer value reached 47.5 million pounds, John Stones into a single player action are highlighted in face of Sunderland.


Appear solid enough in the first half to help the City free from the threat of dangerous players The Black Cats. The second half he looks lost concentration so often leave a hole in midfield behind when her ride helps invasion.


Goals from Jermain Defoe could not escape from his error that failed to guess the direction the ball thus making Sunderland managed to equalize. Lucky final match results are still favoring The Citizens after Paddy McNair do own goal. The action ended a 2-1 victory for Manchester blue.


3. The role of Raheem Sterling


The first party of Premier League before 2016-2017, some observers assess the presence of Noltio would threaten the position of Raheem Sterling. In fact, it never happened. In contrast, Sterling thus play a more effective and trengginas.


Several times he threatened the Sunderland NET. Stab and incision of the right siderepeatedly gave mean in defense of Sunderland. The evidence already presented atthe beginning of the game. The movement of Sterling should stop Defender Patrick Van Aanholt, Sudnerland inside. As a result, Spurn the penalty becomes a reward forManchester City. Bomber Sergio Aguero successfully execute Spurn 12 pas.


Some media mentions, new operating area and position Sterling could make it perform optimally. Looking at the inaugural game, Sterling is believed to be increasinglydangerous.


4. The instruction Pick


Former Manchester City Manager, Manuel Pellegrini, known as private coaster rarelydo vehemently instruction throughout the game. The new shades are now presented in The bench area Citizens. A new Manager, Josep Guardiola, giving it different ways.


The style of the former architect of Barcelona is seen making the bench a host of increasingly dynamic. He was often depart from his seat, and embolden the players by way of shouting.


He is very desirous give referrals to his troops, either when the attack or defense. I was so bersemangatnya, several times Champions look meaning beyond the boundary lines of the bench area.


Aguero Remain The Key


This Argentina midfielder has always been a key under Roberto Mancini and ManuelPellegrini. Likewise there is the turn of nakhkoda, it turns out his role unchanged. The difference is, now the movement more organized and efficient Aguero, so no need to move there yesterday.


He managed to execute a penalty chance in the early minutes of the match. As usual, the former bomber Atletico Madrid were also capable of intimidating defense areaof Sunderland Two central defender Younes Kaboul, and Patrick Van Aanholt, must maintain its movement direction helter-skelter. Noted he managed to kick out as many as five times, one of them is right on target.

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