Petr Cech Was Determined To Bring Arsenal Stay Away From Manchester United

The Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, was determined to bring his team conquered the Manchester United in the Premier League continued at Old Trafford, Manchester, Saturday (19/11/1999).
“We draw the face of Spurs and there is a bit of a gap between us and Liverpool. We want to stay on top. Every time Liverpool lost points, we are always ready to take advantage, “said Cech told
Manchester United stalking behind us. So, we also want to continue to leave Manchester United. We hope to be able to remain in the top row and keep your distancewith other clubs, “said Cech.
Meanwhile, Manchester United had a chance to grab the minor results in some of the last game. Since losing to Manchester City on 10 September action then, Jose Mourinho‘s squad would swallow two defeats and three draws results. The Red Devils bounced back after a 3-1 victory over Swansea City, before international pause this month.
The victory returns the confidence Wayne Rooney and his friends in to meet the next action. Cech rate, his team must be aware of the motivation of the players Manchester United.421
“If Manchester United thought to trim points with the Club on top of it and struggled to grab the title. They need the three points, “said the former Chelsea goalkeeperthen.
Currently, the two teams clashed on six points in the Premier League standings table. Arsenal remain in fourth place with 24 points, while MU has new savings 18 points.
The result was a resounding achievement of Arsene Wenger‘s team were in the highest tier football competition is the United Kingdom. The Gunners unbeaten in its last 10 games in the League since losing to Liverpool on August 14. The team of Merian London is just two points from the pemuncak points standings while the Premier League, Liverpool.
The Liverpool striker, Roberto Firmino, uncovering the secrets of success playing alongside Philippe Coutinho on this season. Firmino feel mutually understand each other with Coutinho in the field.
“We think the same way. We have to know what we would do before receiving the ball, “said Firmino.
We are trying to understand each other in a game and with our skills, everything turns good. Of course this is the fruit of our hard work over this, “said Firmino.
Good Firmino or Jurgen Klopp is believed to be the Coutinho-player core Liverpoolseason 2016-2017. Contributions to both the scourge presents for opponents of The Reds.
Until it enters the 11th week, Firmino has 10 times the defense of Liverpool in the Premier League. She was only absent when dealing with Chelsea, 16 September, due to groin injury.
Meanwhile, Coutinho always appeared in 11 matches. Both players are equally derived from Brazil that contributed to over 12 goals which The Reds to play into his opponents. The breakdown is six goals each donated both players operating in midfield and attack.
Both are rated to appear and ECE co-exist with each other. Without prejudice to therole of other players, duet Firmino and Coutinho is judged to be one of stylish appearance factor shown for Liverpool to enter the mid November 2016.
“For me, Philippe was a witch. He made a miracle on any kick that helped him score a goal and the movement is so incredible. He’s always doing your best on the field,“said Firmino.
The central role of Brazil duo success delivering Liverpool grabbed the top Premier League with a value of 26. This weekend, The Reds will face Southampton in the Premier League continued in the 12th week, Saturday (19/11/1999).

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