Arsene Wenger: Arsenal Achieved positive results, because …

Manchester City a 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace in the Premier League match at Selhurst Park, London, Saturday (19/11/1999). Two goals in the victory of The Citizensprinted Yaya Toure.


Manchester City climbed two rankings to second place with 27 points from 12 matches. Army Pep Guardiola has points and the same goal difference with Liverpool, but the outnumbered goals include.


In the match against Crystal Palace, Guardiola decided to play Toure as a companion post on midfielder Fernandinho. This action became the first game in the Premier League season preview: 2016-2017.


Guardiola‘s decision to play Toure led to positive. On 39 minutes, Toure did the same work the bait one-two with Nolito. Toure then releasing hard shot lodged in the upper corner of the goal The Eagles. Surviving the first round 1-0 to Manchester City’s superiority.


Enter the start of the second half, Manager Alan Pardew did turn of the player. Connor Wickham was given the opportunity to appear to fill the position of Andros Townsend.


The decision also led to positive for Crystal Palace. Enter the minute 66, bait WilfriedZaha forwarded shot a goal to break Wickham Claudio Bravo.


Manchester City back the lead at minute 83. The ball of the right foot shot results Yaya Toure who from Kevin De Bruyne streaked seamlessly fit into the goal. Until the match is over, the score remained 2-1.


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, implying a sense of puasnya though only brought home one of the points against Manchester United at Old Trafford, Manchester, Saturday (19/11/1999).


This result is positive results since we left first. Both teams showed solid defense and we played a little slower than usual. We are distressed at 20 minutes the beginning of the second half and United deserved for winning, “said Wenger.


“If compared to last season, maybe we’ll swallow defeat, but not today. We have shown a positive development. I hope we can collect a victory at Sevilla’s next matches, “The Professor continued.


Arsenal pengusaan excels in football, however thus host that is able to suppress TheGunners defense. Overall, Arsenal only produced five shots and one goal, fruitful opportunities through top Olivier Giroud after utilizing cross Alex OxladeChamberlainon 89 minutes. Earlier, Manchester United had superior through Juan Mata on 68 minutes.


One of the points brought Arsenal of Old Trafford made them collecting 25 points.On the next matches, The Gunners will entertain AFC Bournemouth in the 13th week of the Premier League that will take place the week (27/11/1999).


The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says Arsenal are only lucky can hold his team draw 1-1 in the Premier League game at Old Trafford, Manchester, Saturday (19/11/1999).


“We lost two points. We were the best team and the opponent has no chance of winning. Arsenal did not play as usual. Our line of Defense is very good. We can compress and break the counter-attack of the opponent, “said Mourinho.


We were very calm when the ball and could have scored good. We should have won the game. However, we could not only disrupt their attacks. Arsenal is a team thatgot lucky and we didn’t, “continued Mourinho.


In those games, Manchester United before excelling through Juan Mata on 68 minutes. However, Olivier Giroud evened the score one minute lobbed over.


According to the website of the Premier League, Arsenal controlled the match with 54.7 percent mastery of the ball. However, Manchester United has the chance of scoring more, i.e. 12 experiments that five of them right on target. As for Arsenal let go of one shot of five directional opportunities.


The results of this draw still make Manchester United is sixth with 19 points from 12games. As for Arsenal climbed one position to third place with 25 points.

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