Pep Guardiola Assured John Stones Will Be The Great Defender

Two players Chelsea, Willian and David Luiz, reportedly surprised by the treatment of management didn’t want to hire a private jet to return them to London after appearing to defend Brazil in international matches.
Some time ago, Liverpool, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain decided urunanrent a private jet to return their players that came from the Americas. A third of the Club raise money a number of 120,000 pounds sterling ($ 1.97 billion) to the cost of the Charter plane.
Chelsea are in fact also became one of the clubs invited to venture to rent a private jet, but management refused the invitation, and select return players with commercial aircraft.
The match schedule will be living The Blues became a major consideration clubs not to rent private jets. Chelsea recently will perform face Middlesbrough on Sunday (20/2/2016) so still had more time to return the player.
Management decision apparently raised questions from David Luiz and Willian. According to them, the clubs less noticed the fitness conditions the players by telling them to go home with commercial flights.429
David Luiz subtly insinuating Chelsea by uploading photos on instagram personal account. On the photo, Luiz looks exhausted because of the long travel had to undergo.
Chelsea is currently ranked second in the standings while the Premier League with a collection of 25 points and only lagged one point from Liverpool who are at the top of the standings.
PEP Guardiola has optimism to John Stones. According to the Pep, the Stones havea great potential to become one of the world’s best defender.
The stones were into the spotlight because of inconsistent appearance in some of his final game. The 22-year-old defender was judged vulnerable make mistakes and lack of understanding the strategies applied to managers.
The pungent criticism came from former national team coach Glenn Hoddle, United Kingdom. According to Hoddle, Guardiola didn’t make the Stones become a better player since her move from Everton to Manchester City.
The critics responded to Barcelona with a cold. According to former coach of Barcelona, the Stones can take a while to adapt to the strategy that he apply.
In previous clubs, Stones only play one game on each weekend. But now he can play two or three games per week plus international matches. Clearly he should improve performance but he is still in the early stages, “explained Guardiola.
The Manager attribute the performance of Stones with Gerard Pique which also pass through the process long before becoming one of the world’s best defender.
“Improving the performance of the individual could not happen in a day or a month. I love John (Stones) because he is always working hard to improve his game. He has a special quality that is rarely found in the seumurannya players, “said Guardiola.
Stones purchased The Citizens of Everton with a total price of 50 million pounds ($ 824.93 billion) at the start of the 2016-17 season. The 22-year-old Defender has always been the first choice in the starting eleven of The Citizens.
Manchester City players, Aleksandar Kolarov, rate some competitors The Citizens are in a position that is benefitting because it did not follow the European competition.
Premier League represented Leicester City, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Champions League. Meanwhile, Manchester United and Southampton appear in the Europa League.430
The absence of Chelsea and Liverpool make two clubs that can perform optimally in the Premier League. This is evident from their position in the standings while the Premier League. Until the eleventh week, The Reds are at the top the standings followed by The Blues in the second stage.
Kolarov rate, these conditions create competition in the Premier League are increasingly running tight and the winner could be determined at the last weekend.
“I think the winner of the Premier League will be decided in the last week. Chelsea and Liverpool have no weekend schedule so it could focus on the Premier League. However, this condition is a challenge for the City to be able to continue to grow, “said Kolarov.
The city was only able to make one victory from five Premier League matches whichthey undertake, i.e. when the 4-0 win over hosts West Bromwich Albion. On the weekend of the 12th which will take place Saturday (19/11/1999), The Citizens will be a trip to Selhurst Park to face Crystal Palace.

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