Wenger: Olivier Giroud Frustrating being a reserve at Arsenal

The standings while United Kingdom League 2016-2017 changes after some actiontake place Saturday (19/11/1999). Liverpool and Manchester City have collection points are the same. Liverpool were on top thanks to the number of scoring more.


Manchester City manage to equate collection points with Liverpool after a win overCrystal Palace 2-1. Yaya Toure two touchdowns on 39 minutes and 83 , making Manchester City collect 27 points.


The collection numbers are the same as Liverpool. It happened after Liverpool failed to reap the full numbers kala meets Southampton St Mary’s stadium. Liverpool home with the score 0-0. Liverpool were on top of the standings while scoring 30 goals, while constantly at odds of Manchester City 3 goals a little more.


However the position of the two clubs got a big threat from Chelsea. The fleet of Antonio Conte could be on top of the standings, while if the win over Middlesbrough, in tonight’s game at the Riverside Stadium.


Chelsea currently there is ranked 3rd with a collection of 25 numbers. That is, if conquer Middlesbrough, Chelsea will collect 28 points, or one digit more than Liverpool and Manchester City.


Other teams that are not maximum is Arsenal. Should Arsene Wenger‘s troops lost two numbers after reaping the results of time series meets Manchester United, at Old Trafford Stadium. Arsenal had left via Juan Mata goal on 68 minutes, before Olivier Giroud replied, exactly one minute before the normal time ended.


A number of Manchester City make Arsenal collected 25 points. As for Manchester United, draw keep them afloat in the 6th ranked Torres.


The position of Arsenal now gets pressure from city rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. TheSpurs, collecting 24 points after a 3-2 win over West Ham United. Harry Kane penalty at 91 minutes, making the Tottenham Hotspur reach for maximum results.


Tragic fate befell the defending champions, Leicester City. They lost when Watford hosted by a score of 1-2. Penalty goal Riyad Mahrez 15th minute and was unable tobe a lifesaver. The host two goals was born via Etienne Capoue (1 ‘) and Roberto Pereyra (12 ‘).


Those results make Leicester City was in 14th position with 12 points. Claudio Ranieri-prone fleet position terjerembab to relegation.


Competition in the lower Board also belongs to tight. The defeat of West Ham United and Swansea City, making both of them are in a dangerous position. Swansea Cityis on the bottom area with a collection of 6 figures. While West Ham United there inthe 17th position with 11 points.


Sunderland‘s victory over Hull City 3-0 also change the position on the Board. At least now the Sunderland is on the 19th position, aka up one ranking, with a value of 8.While Hull City right over Sunderland with a collection of 10 points.


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, called Olivier Giroud frustrating because often saton the bench this season. But for Wanger, frustration is a normal thing Giroud create professional footballer.


I regard him as a regular player and he underwent a long vacation, returned to the team and injury,” said Manager France origin.


“He just came back after a woeful defending France and right in the last two gamesGiroud was frustrated. This is a normal situation because he’s ready to return to play, “he explained.


Bomber that got pulled over 30 years for nearly seven weeks due to a leg injury. The absence of Giroud makes Arsene Wenger pinpointed as the sole striker Alexis Sanchez at the front-line.


After recovering from the injury, Olivier Giroud trouble to get back his position as a striker at Arsenal. When The Gunners won 4-1 over Sunderland (29/10/1999) and the 1-1 draw cons Tottenham Hotspur (6/2/2016) in the Premier League, Giroud playoff the bench.


When Arsenal meets Manchester United at Old Trafford in a match of the weekendof the 12th Premier League, Saturday (19/11/1999), former player of Montpellier that again does not inhabit the core squad. He recently got into the field at minute 73 replaces Mohamed Elneny.


Giroud pun was able to save Arsenal from defeat. The ball results in goal Giroud in the stomach who 89 Alex OxladeChamberlain sped smoothly get into the goal.


Arsenal finally managed to resist the Red Devils 1-1. Earlier, Manchester United winning first through Juan Mata goal in minute 68.


I have chosen Sanchez at the beginning of the season and it goes well. I have two options at this time, because Sanchez could play wide, Giroud in the Middle, so sometimes I menduetkan both of them together, “explained Wenger.


Although he more often appeared from the bench, Olivier Giroud touchdown productivity does not decrease. So far he has elections caused four goals plus two assists from nine matches along with Arsenal.

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