Zouma impressed with the passion of Soccer Antonio Conte

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, could not deny or mengiyakan related news would sit in a chair the Manager of Arsenal at the start of next season. For him the most important at the moment is carrying Juventus pluck victory.
Italy coach was touted to replace the role of Arsene Wenger as The Gunners Manager. Allegri is considered an ideal figure to bring in Arsenal winning the title champion of the Premier League, after the the last time obtained in the season 2003-2004.
If so deal with Arsenal, Neymar would compete with top trainers who are currently undergoing a career in the United Kingdom, starting from Jose Mourinho (Manchester United), Pep Guardiola (Manchester City), Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool), and Antonio Conte (Chelsea).438
“I would not deny or confirm anything regarding the coaching news Arsenal,” explained Abidal.
I remain with Juventus, now we have to focus on victory. At this time, the media have always said I would go, even when everything goes well, he continued.
Massimiliano Allegri became coach of Juventus in 2014. So far, 49 year old man it’s been offered five degree for I Bianconeri with a note of triumph reached 70.2 per cent.
The Chelsea Defender, Kurt Zouma, impressed with the passion of football shown Manager Antonio Conte. Zouma else confess many studied since Conte’s deal with The Blues.
“He’s a very good man. She think, eat and sleep with the thought of football. He’s always talking, everything about it is football. He was so excited and wanted to transmit it to the players, “said Zouma, as reported by the Mirror.
In terms of tactics, we watched a lot of video and learn. Details are important to him, he discusses our movement in the field. You can learn a lot from him, Italy Style is great for the Defender, he said.
Zouma recently appeared seven times in various competitions since Conte served asManager of Chelsea in the summer of 2016. One of the reasons is the origin of France it must undergo a recovery process a serious knee injury sustained in February 2016.
Conte love what he was doing. He wants to give us a special feeling. We have to love football and bernapaskan like himself. It is the desire of him, “said Zouma.
Under the care of Antonio Conte, Chelsea now in order leading in the hunt for the Premier League champion trophy 2016-2017. The Blues top of the standings with 59points, while winning nine figures over his closest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.
Defender Shkodran Mustafi, Arsenal, admitted to disappointment with the poor middle period passed his team. However, his team still have convinced Mustafi up to find their Premier League trophy season 2016-2017.437
“I think it will be more difficult than before, but I am the one who has faith. During permitting, we will fight for it. We will see if we are lucky enough to be champion and great or not at the end of the season, “said Mustafi.
The trend stylish Arsenal while performing a home fixture in the Premier League was stopped. Previously, The Gunners went undefeated in 10 appearances at the Emirates Stadium since Liverpool silenced by a score of 3-4 in August 2016.
Is the Middle Board Club, Watford, who gave a surprise to Arsenal at the weekend of the Premier League this season, on Tuesday (31/1/2017). Child custody succumbedwith Arsene Wenger score 1-2 in front of their own supporters.
The defeat of the first enclosure against Watford so disappointing. We were a little late heat, conceded two quick goals and it was hard to turn things around, “said Mustafi.
After the defeat of Watford, Arsenal go back to grab the minor results. Alexis Sanchez had to admit the superiority of Chelsea with a score of 3-1 when it came to Stamford Bridge on the weekend of the 24th Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (4/2/2017).
We are also disappointed with the defeat at home to Chelsea which is obviously adifferent match. We know the match at Stamford Bridge would difficult, but also realized that we probably win. I think, we’re playing pretty good, “said Mustafi.
Arsenal occupy the fourth position while the Premier League standings with 47 points. The Gunners left 12 digits from Chelsea who perched on top.

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