Zlatan Ibrahimovic is depressed at Manchester United

Liverpool, Liverpool Echo, was rumored Friday (10/2/2017), threatened idle for three weeks if Leicester City draw against Millwall in the FA Cup.


Liverpool are currently only participated in the Premier League after being knocked out of the tournament for domestic or European. In the next match which would made Liverpool was against Tottenham Hotspur, at Anfield, week (12/2/2017).


After that, Liverpool is scheduled to meet in the future King Power Stadium, the home of Leicester City, on the 26th weekend matches Premier League, February 27, however, the match was threatened to be postponed if the reference against the results of the Leicester City against Millwall.


Leicester City will face the fifth-round match at Milwall FA Cup, in The Den Stadium,Saturday (18/2/2017). In the game, Leicester City identified will do a rotation playerbecause had to face Sevilla in the Champions League, four days later.

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Refer to the rotation of players, Leicester City predicted back draw against Milwall. If so, the schedule available for clubs to achieve the same results in the fifth round fell on 27 February.


Based on the rules of the Premier League, the FA will give priority to change the schedule of the Premier League if there are clubs must play a rematch the fifth round of the FA Cup. If this happens, the scenario Liverpool would not compete in quite a long time.


After Leicester City, Liverpool will be back melakoni match Premier League against Arsenal on 4 March. If the calculated distance between the match against Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal–if Leicester City postponedrecorded for 21 days.


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, asked that the supporters of The Gunners supporters behave like rival clubs and continued to provide support to Olivier Giroud and coauthors.

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Arsene Wenger reaped much criticism after failing to lift its performance consideredArsenal. Is not uncommon in some corner of the tribune Emirates Stadium there is a bannera banner that reads desires the Arsenal supporters so that Arsene Wenger immediately lift the foot.


In the last match, Arsenal surrendered 1-3 from Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (4/2/2017). Arsenal is now in fourth place while the Premier League standings with47 points, or lagging 12 digits from Chelsea who occupy the first position.


Of course, our supporters are consistent and have great expectations. However, in my opinion, it is not felt clear. You can not become supporters as last Wednesday and was not behind the team on Saturday, “said Arsene Wenger.


Other clubs all over, wherever we opposed, such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, or they (the supporters) have great hope and great history. However, they continue to struggle together. Now, we should really be United or we do nothave the opportunity to do that.


You see Tottenham, everyone fought together and everyone is behind their team.We had done the same thing, even though we get two disappointing results (against Watford and Chelsea), “Arsene Wenger added.


Arsenal will entertain Hull City at the Emirates Stadium on the weekend of the 25thgame of the Premier League, Saturday (11/2/2017).


The Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, claiming to feel enormous pressure at Old Trafford. However, according to him, these things are reasonable if football player decided a career in big clubs.


“If you represent a club like Manchester United, it was a great history and a great character as You will certainly feel pressured,” said Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


“You have to keep the rhythm Club and continue to try to print history. In the top clubs such as Manchester United’s pressure that occurred over the past 24 hours, “theoriginal attacker Sweden were added.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic joins Manchester United from Paris Saint-Germain with the status of a free transfer in the summer of 2016. Players aged 35 years that pressing contract to 30 June 2017.


Currently, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has always been first choice at the forefront of Manchester United. According to Transfermarkt, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has had 20 goals and six assists from a total of 33 matches in various event.


Manchester United, until the 24th week, was in sixth position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 with 45 points, lagging behind 2 numbers from Chelsea who was ranked first.

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