Entrenched at the top of the standings, Conte Asked Chelsea Keep Momentum

The Chelsea Defender, Willian, considers the attitude of the temperamental AntonioConte and Diego Costa is not something that is harming the environment. According to Willian, it is the seasoning behind the success of Chelsea.


Between the two personalities have a temperamental is somewhat difficult. However, the two men is a good figure, “said Willian.


For those who do not know Diego Costa, will assume he is the one who is loud andeasy to be invited to fight. He always told me his personal problem which is hard when he plays and it cannot be changed, though playing with her own mother, “saidWillian.


Statement of Willian at once became the latest blurb explaining the dispute between Costa and Conte on medio January 2017. When that relationship had deteriorateddue to the emotional attitude in addressing various problems.


Costa then santer is rumored to get a tantalizing offer from Club China, began whining to Conte by asking for time off on grounds of fitness. However, the demand was not met Costa Conte.


Origin Italy Manager was rumored thus provoked rumors of problems with the drive out Costa to join Club China. As a result, the inevitable argument makin shootout which led to Costa and Conte involved cold war.


Apart from that, both Costa and Conte remain the professionals bring Chelsea grabbed the impressive achievement. These problems subside by itself over the success of The Blues defend their top of the table while the Premier League.


“Costa has always had the ambition to win. For that he is always willing to fight in for the ball and scored. It was really wonderful, “said Willian.


Off the field it changed drastically. He was always joking and familiar with the other players. There is no problem between them, “added Willian.


The success of the Chelseamempertahankan throne standings while the Premier League gained thanks to the figure of the two. Ingenuity Conte implements 3-43, to accompany The Blues impressive results. It also supported the role of Diego Costa to appear productive with the acquisition of 15 goals in 22 matches in the Premier League.


The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, declaring child asuhnya should keep the momentum despite being in the leading order of the competition season Premier League champion 2016-2017.


We are at the top of the table at the moment, but this League (Premier League) is very difficult. For me, at the moment, the most important thing is to keep on pressing and take advantage of this momentum, “exclaimed Conte.


“If you send the right signal for us and not for opposing teams, it’s very important,” added the Manager of origin Italy.


Status as defending champions Chelsea suffered a slump and was only able to finish in mid-table Premier League season 2015-2016. The arrival of the Conte to Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2016 brought new optimism to Eden Hazard and his colleagues.


Chelsea tops the standings while the Premier League this season since November 2016. In fact, The Blues are now leaving his closest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, with nine points.


Chelsea preparing for challenging Burnley at Turf Moor on the 25th weekend Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (12/2/2017). Furthermore, Conte would against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the FA Cup fifth round at Molineux Stadium, Saturday(18/2/2017).


A Bornemouth midfielder on loan from Arsenal, Jack Wilshere, not knowing the fate of the continuation of her career after the 2016-2017 season. Wilshere still waveringwith his status in return to Arsenal.


“I will concentrate in three or four months. I am not sure what will happen in the future, “said Wilshere.


“That obviously I need playing time. Therefore I came here. Bournemouth gives me that opportunity, “added Wilshere.


Wilshere joined Bournemouth on loan from Arsenal in the summer of 2016. The 25-year-old player’s career at Dean Court Stadium until the end of the 20162017 season.


The decision to loan Wilshere to Bournemouth taken Arsene Wenger after the player was considered difficult to penetrate the main squad for Arsenal because of frequent injury. Wenger hopes by performing regular along Bournemouth, Wilshere could improve physical condition so that it can avoid injury.


Wilshere already feel comfortable playing with Bournemouth, felt could appear on a regular basis if returned to Arsenal on the upcoming season. For that, he will really think of his decision after the 2016-17 season ends.


“At the end of the season, after all my activity ended in Bournemouth. I had the time off and I’ll think about it, “said Wilshere.

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