Phil Jones ever intend to go from Manchester United

The Chelsea striker, Diego Costa, professes to idolize Didier Drogba while still in uniform Atletico Madrid. Costa argued if her feeling has a debt of gratitude on Drogba.


“I always saw Drogba as an example an enviable spot as a striker. He’s strong and scored a lot of goals. He’s a quality player, “said Costa.


“I was helped by just looking at her practice and I admire him, I did not fabricate the story. I specifically watched Chelsea (while still at Atletico Madrid), which of course is a big club, only to see Drogba, “said the Brazil-born striker.


In his first period strengthen Chelsea, i.e. 2004 to 2012, Drogba won 10 trophies, among them the Premier League (3), (4) the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League (1). Former national team striker Ivory Coast it scored 164 goals and 86 assists from 381appearances in various event along with The Blues.


“She’s famous and everyone talk about it. In fact, I watched him playing for ivory coast. When it comes to Chelsea, he never acted colder to me, quite the contrary. I was never afraid, even though he is a legend and a part that helps in the development of the Club, “said Costa.

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Drogba had a chance to reinforce Shanghai Shenhua and Galatasaray before returning to Chelsea in the summer of 2014-2015. Coincidentally, on that same season, The Blues also recruited Costa from Atletico Madrid with around 32 million pounds ($532 billion).


“He carved the history here so can underestimate me, but not so. He is always beingfantastic to me. Her position is not easy. My scoresheet, scoring a lot of goals and he will support and motivate me. Others may not be doing similar things. I salute Drogba, “said Costa.


Currently, Diego Costa occupies the second place of the list of top scorer while Premier League season 2016-2017. Spain national team that had the bomber‘s 15 goals in 22 appearances or just lagging behind one goal from Everton players, Romelu Refusing.


Chelsea will undergo an away game face Burnley on the 25th week of the Premier League. Currently, the crime squads Antonio Conte are comfortable at the top of the Premier League standings with a collection of 59 points.


The Manchester United Defender, Phil Jones, confessed to ever have the desire to leave Old Trafford. It happens when Louis van Gaal reacted still handles the Red Devils in the 2015-2016 season.


“There needs to be called into question if I never think of the future (with Manchester United). It appears the unwitting and sounded loudly if I don’t play, “said Jones.


“For whatever reason, he (Van Gaal reacted) think I should be more fit. I’m not contesting it and just need to play. I do what I can to get back into the team, and nahasnya, it didn’t work when he trained, “he said.


In addition to the factor of the injury, the chance to play Jones was minimal becausenot logged in schema formation Van Gaal reacted in 2015-2016. He only appeared in 13 games, 10 of which are of the Premier League and only four times have become the starter.


“I was just being a backup in the FA Cup final at Wembley. My condition fit in two months last term of Van Gaal reacted, but just play with the reserve team. It’s football,some players liked and some others do not, “said Jones.


Phil Jones experienced different fortunes since Manchester United appoint Jose Mourinho as a replacement for Louis Van Gaal reacted in the summer of 2016. 24 year old Defender it’s record of 17 appearances in all competitions this season.

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Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, indicating high optimism by saying if Arsenal still have a chance to win the Premier League 2016-2017.


Arsenal reaped the results of bad period February 2017. The Gunners lost the two games in quick succession when the subject of Watford 1-2 (1/2/2017) and 1-3 fromChelsea (4/2/2017).


Two such minor results make Arsenal down to fourth place standings while the Premier League, while Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City is ranked better than Arsenal.


The defeat of Chelsea at the weekend of the 24th Premier League widened the distance of the two clubs. At the moment, Arsenal must strive to pursue failed 12 points from Chelsea.


The fact that nobody makes Arsene Wenger broken charcoal. Origin of the tactics that France spokesman assess Arsenal still have opportunities with other top-tier teamto grab the Championship title this season.


“It’s not over yet. We will not give up on this. When they all thought we were going to hoist the white flag, I wouldn’t do it, “said Wenger.


“We observe a team that is around the Arsenal. We all are in a very tight situation. The struggle for each position will be heavier in the Premier League, especially thosethat occur on this season, “said Wenger.

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